Safety Tips

FIRE ESCAPE PLAN: As a fire protection engineer, it is distressing to see how lackadaisical people are when it comes to fire. It is saddening to see death and destruction, where death and destruction could have been avoided.

Practicing your fire escape plan CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THOSE YOU LOVE.

ESCAPE PLAN FOR THE FAMILY HOME: Another very important aspect of fire safety is an escape plan with your family. This plan should be designed to show everyone how to stay low, feel the doors for heat before opening them, know two ways out, and to meet in a designated area. Deaths have occurred because someone went back into the structure looking for someone who was already out! Practicing your fire escape plan, can and will, save lives!

The 3 most important words to remember in the event that someone has caught on fire is to STOP, DROP and ROLL. Throwing a blanket over someone is another good way to help extinguish flames on a person.

Make sure your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in good working order.

Yearly maintenance checks on all fire protection systems and components. Making sure your system isn't out of date or the extinguishers aren't in need of service.

Hold a class to make sure your employees know what to do in the event of a fire and how to best help each other if needed. Conduct egress drills and make sure they know the escape routes.

Make sure that the escape route you have will accommodate persons with disabilities as well, and assign someone to that person to help them out in the event of a fire. The buddy system is a great thing to use.

Buildings that are required to have a fire alarm system are also required to have a fire safety plan that includes instructions for emergency procedures, a summary of fire protection systems and a maintenance schedule for fire protection equipment.

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