About Us

Fernandez & Associates is a fire protection engineering firm, with over 16 years of experience providing full service of Building Code Consulting Services and Fire Protection Engineering which is based on achieving the level of safety mandated by the building and fire codes without sacrificing the design goals and budgets of our clients.

Project Management and Design assistance is provided in all phases of a project, ranging from the conceptual design stage through final design, acceptance and building occupancy. Our services are provided for new and existing buildings, as well as buildings undergoing renovations in the following occupancies: Assembly, Business, Data Centers, Educational, High Hazard, Historical, Industrial, Institutional, Mercantile, Residential, Storage and Telecommunication.

Through the application of experience, education and training, we utilize both traditional and state of the art engineering methods. We can better serve our client's needs because our work is based on a thorough understanding of the codes, business, and economic principles. We will review drawings and specifications from the preliminary design stage through the building permit application stage and construction administration for compliance with design document, codes and standards.

We are registered professional engineers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island. Fernandez & Associates has been certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise.


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